Instructions for Wearing Your Invisalign


Congratulations on having your Invisalign® inserted today!!


Although we go over everything that you will need to know in the office, sometimes it is a lot to remember.


You must wear your aligners 22 hours per day. If, for any reason you miss time more than 2 hours, wear them for an extra full day to make it up. Remember, you are not lengthening your treatment time: you are ensuring that all of the movements have been achieved


Always wear your aligners for the full time, never miss any days. You must wear them for at least 7 days. Change from one aligner to the next at NIGHT. If you forget to change on the scheduled night, do not change in the morning: wait until the following night. Place all worn finished aligners back in its bag and close. Please keep all aligners.


Your aligner should fit completely over your teeth. If you notice that they are not fully seated, go back to the last aligner for 1 to 2 days and/or try biting on the back of a toothbrush to get a better fit. Please call us if you feel they don't fit correctly: we would like to make sure your teeth are tracking properly.


You may drink water with your aligners in your mouth. Eating is not recommended while wearing aligners. If you drink something that is not "clear", your aligners may become stained, however it will not affect the way they work.


We call them attachments, you may call them bumps. They are not designed to hold the aligners in, they help your teeth move in the desired direction. If an attachment comes off, do not change into your next aligner even if it is time. Call our office ASAP so we can rebond the attachment.


Always place your aligners in the case when you are not wearing them. NEVER wrap them in a napkin, they will get thrown away. Keep them away from pets!!


Make sure to keep your aligners clean. You should brush them with your toothbrush and toothpaste every day. Soak your appliance in a cleaner as needed. NEVER use hot water!!


If you lose or break an aligner call us ASAP for instructions. You may switch to the next aligner as long as you wear it for the days remaining from the lost one PLUS the days of the new one.